BIG BUNNY - Fly Tying Tutorial

The Big Bunny. This articulated fly is for trout, bass, or anything else that eats baitfish.

We fish these on our local rivers in Virginia: the Jackson, Smith, and the James River behind the shop to name a few. It's a basic design, think, articulated Zonker - with more bunny.

Tied in the size we show in the video, it's perfect for young of the year trout, suckers, or shad (depending on what color tones you go with). It holds similarities to other articulated streamers, and doesn't care about it. Neither do I.

The Big Bunny has great natural movement, and works well on pressured waters and/or clear water. Another plus, it doesn't require an 8 weight to cast, even when the rabbit strips become water-logged. I often use a 6 weight when floating for trout. I like to use the wool head as it pushes a lot of water, is fast to tie in, and doesn't float like deer hair.

You can substitute the wool for "Sculpin Wool", "Senyo's Laser Hair" or, "Senyo's Laser Dub" for a similar effect. Everything will slightly change the action of the fly, but not drastic enough to where you'll notice. 

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S (Sz. 1-2)
Thread: Veevus 6/0 or Danville 210
Mono Foul Guard: Maxima Chameleon 15lb. or Maxima Clear
Tail: Rabbit Strips - Sculpin Olive
1) TaleTellers Flash Wrap - Pearl
2) MFC Bunny Brush - White
Head: Solarez Bone Dry
Connection: Articulated Fish Spine 20mm
Flash Veil: Flashabou - Pearl

Rabbit Strip/Flash Wrap/MFC Bunny Brush
Weight: Lead Free Wire .035
Head: Rams Wool (substitutes: Sculpin Wool, or Senyo's Laser Dub

Cheers, Ethan Martin