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Big Ploppa - March Brown Tying Tutorial

The Big Ploppa is designed to hold massive amounts of weight for dry/dropper rigs! Typically, when our March Browns are hatching in VA, we higher water flows. This means you need a heavy fly that can get down to the bottom.

Rather than using an indicator to suspend the heavy nymph I like to use a big dry fly. That's where the Big Ploppa comes into play! Tie it in varying colors depending on what's hatching!

The materials are pretty basic, and it doesn't require dry fly hackle, which is nice. However, it does require some skill to get everything looking proper and staying where it should. I recommend practice (and super glue).

Hook: MFC 7077 sz. 10
Thread: Veevus 6/0 Brown
Tail: Elk Rump - Natural - (Substitute - Stimulator Deer Hair)
Body: Dubbing - Super Fine - March Brown Color
Underwing: Elk Rump or Stimulator Deer Hair - Natural
Wing: Deer Belly Hair - Tan
Hotspot: Deer Belly Hair - Yellow/Chartreuse/Pink
Legs: Centipede Legs - Mini - Speckled Brown