Easy Caddis Nymph - Fly Tying Tutorial



A stupid simple caddis nymph. This is an incredibly basic pattern that requires basic materials and skill. If you're new to fly tying this a good pattern to get started on!

This fly can be altered to look like many different varieties of bugs, such as the Hellgramite at the end of the video!

On pressured waters I've done well fishing these. The extended/elevated body make this fly look different than most of the typical fly patterns people fish where the WHOLE body is actually attached to the hook. It's for this reason I keep a few of these little dudes in the box. In late summer I fish them as a dropper and it smokes our local brook trout when the Greenie Weenie bite is strong.

Hook: MFC Heavy Wire - Sz. 12
Thread: Veevus 8/0 Black
Body: Micro Chenille - Worm Green
Wing Case: Rainy's STRETCH flex
Dubbing: Ice Dub - Peacock

UV Resin: Solarez Bone Dry