Fishing Report - Late April

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Here we provide our Central Virginia Fishing update on our local fisheries. These include the James River, and it's many tributaries. Bass and small stream trout are covered in this episode! 

Large Rivers: on our larger rivers we've started seeing signs of spawning bass on both our lakes and rivers. We've seen the best results fishing midday-evening, and baitfish patterns seem to be the food of choice. Most of the fish we've caught have been picked up around structure or towards the bank. We are at the start of our smallmouth season, but expect things to go a little weird for a few days during spawn and for a week or two after. 

Small Streams: The fishing has been excellent on our smaller streams. Fishing a dry/dropper rig has been fooling the most fish. Work on approaching the stream with stealth and presenting the fly as "drag-free" as possible. Flies in the 12-16 range are the best performers right now. 

Conclusion: We should have a great weekend to get out and do some spring fishing! Be sure to be kind to all the extra people that will be out on the river this weekend! This is often some of the busiest time of the year on our smaller streams, so if you see others hit up a different stream or lace up your walking boots and head up stream more!

FLIES: Clouser, 409