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Resin Ribbed Wet Fly - Fly Tying Tutorial

This is a great wet fly! It takes the classic elements of a wet fly and meshes them with modern materials (ie. resin and rubber legs). In this video we showcase the UV resin technique that helps you get the glossy smooth body.

This UV resin technique can be taken into any other realm of tying as well. Use it on nymphs such as a Perdigons, Frenchies, or other patterns you want to stay thin and glossy smooth. You can use it on dry flies if you aren't afraid of applying floatant to keep the dry fly up as the resin will add a *little* bit of weight.

I really like fishing wet flies and have started to use them more often every passing year. I use them on a nymph rig and dead drift them, or will do the traditional swing. Either way the pattern in this video has been deadly. It has the coloration of many different aquatic insects, but I think is most commonly taken as a small minnow. This coloration of fly is something that can be used in streams everywhere not just exclusively in our VA streams.

All materials in this video we stock in our shop and can easily help you find!



Hook: Fulling Mill - sz. 12 - (Sub MFC sz. 12)

Thread: Veevus 8/0 Olive - (Sub Danville 140 Olive)

Whiting Farms Tailing Pack - Brown - (Sub Coq De Leon)

Life Flex Legs - Olive Brown

Solarez Bone Dry UV Resin

Loon UV Infinity Light

Ice Dub - Peacock

Partridge Feather - Grab Bag