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Semperfli Worm Chenille - Worm

The squirmy worm hit the world by storm a few years back and has been smoking fish ever since. There was always one problem with it, the material melts and shreds apart very easily.

Semperfli came up with a material that provides the same (or very similar) action as a squirmy worm, but doesn't melt or get ripped to shreds as a normal squirmy.

The pattern in the video is Jake's DB ribbed Worm. This has been a very effective pattern for getting stuff down deep - fast. In spring flows it's hard to beat this fly. However, you can use the material to tie worms however simple or complex you may want. The material's movement is not dependant on the way you attach it to a hook. The only thing I've found with this material is, the longer you leave it the better action it has.

Hook - Scud Hook: MFC 7045 sz. 10
Thread - Semperfli (sub Danville 140)
Beads - Brass Silver & Brass Fl. Pink
Semperfli Worm Chenille - Fl. Pink
Hareline D-Rib - Red

The rig I use to fish these in a mono rig. I've been using this method several years now and it's incredibly efficient, but not loved by all. The river is a well-known VA stream, that I'll leave nameless, but clearly the worm has no problem smoking fish there.