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Yeager's 409 - Fly Tying Tutorial

This has quickly become one of our go-to dry flies through late spring and summer. It ticks all of the boxes I have for a small stream dry fly: 1) Floats REALLY well, 2) is easy to see, and 3) fish love 'em.

You can easily change colors to replicate whatever color scheme is working on your home waters, but in Virginia yellow is a go-to as we start to get heavier hatches of Yellow Sallies. There could be no relation to trout loving these and Yellow Sallies, but undeniably the yellow outperforms other colors we've tried in our Central VA streams.

The other reason I love this fly is for how much weight it can support. You can run this as the dry in a dry/dropper setup and have some rather large flies floating off the back of it! This fly is not overly complicated, and when tied correctly will float all day!

Hook: MFC 7077 Short Shank Heavy Wire - sz. 10
Thread: Semperfli 50D - (sub Danville 140)
Dubbing: Hare's Mask - Rusty Spinner
Foam: 2mm Yellow Closed Cell Foam
2nd Dubbing: Yellow Senyo's Laser Dub
Gel - Zap-A-Gap Bottle
Wing: Para-Post - White
Hi-Vis Wing: Para-Post - Orange
Legs: Centipede Legs - Speckled Yellow
Hackle: Whiting Farms Dry Fly Hackle