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Dorsey's Manhattan Midge

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The Manhattan Midge was one of the first patterns I developed to fool selective Rocky Mountain trout. As you might imagine, the Manhattan Midge was developed in Manhattan, in a small New York City apartment where my dear friend Jay Park was living at the time. We were both Colorado boys that felt trapped in New York City for a short time. Our outlet was meeting up for tying sessions a couple times a week. We would watch fly fishing films, wrap countless amounts of thread and occasionally enjoy a cold brew while doing so.

The Manhattan Midge is a souped-up hybrid of the Top Secret Midge, Mercury Black Beauty, and Mercury Blood Midge that incorporates the best attributes of each pattern. It has a slim profile, segmented body, a flashy wing, peacock collar that breathes life, and a clear silver-lined bead to imitate trapped air in the thorax. 

Flash forward over the years, now the Manhattan Midge has become a guide favorite on the South Platte River (Cheesman, Deckers, Eleven Mile Canyon, and the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area) and its effectiveness has spread to eastern tailwaters.