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Fish Skull Next Generation Shank - Long - TaleTellers Fly Shop

Fish Skull Next Generation Shank - Long

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Triangular Rear Loop

Reduces the gap between interconnected shanks by pulling the shanks closer together resulting in flies with tighter, more integrated bodies.

Triangular shape is easier for the jaws of the vise to grip and hold the shank, especially important with the smaller size shanks.

Loop eye

Stronger than a ring eye, the loop eye eliminates chance of shank failure enabling you to land bigger, stronger fish.

Extended Wire tags

The ‚"tag end‚Äù of the shanks are now extended to run the full length of the shank. This means there are now 3 parallel wire strands creating an even base platform to wrap the thread and materials along the entire length of the shank. Makes it easier to wrap, more precise and overall, much stronger shank.

SIngle Design

Easier for fly tyers to better understand the articulation concept and tie better, more effective articulated flies across the full spectrum of fly sizes.

Shank Sizes and Qty Per Pack

Longer Shanks: 45mm, 55mm (Qty 20) and:65mm, 80mm (Qty 16)