Jan. 7 - Masterclass - Advanced Trout Fishing - Guide Mike Rennie

Jan. 7 - Masterclass - Advanced Trout Fishing - Guide Mike Rennie

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You can purchase your ticket in the shop or online.

If you purchase a ticket ONLINE be sure to RSVP on our calendar so we don't double book as these technologies do not cross-communicate.


Trout are the preferred species of 80% of fly anglers. 

I just completely made up that statistic, but it sounds about right...ha!

We get questions ALL the time in the shop about how to step up the trout fishing game, so we figured - let's talk about it! 

We have local guide Mike Rennie (also known as Blue Mountain Drift on social media platforms) coming in to teach on leveling up your trout game. 

This class will dive deeper into the tactics involved with trout fishing including: dry/dropper setups, streamer fishing, fly selection, locating fish, indicators and more!

If you have caught a trout, and want to catch more, this class is for you!

This class is designed to take your understanding and skills to a deeper level, and a basic understanding of fishing may be helpful! 

These classes are $20. 

All of the proceeds of these classes go to the guides to help keep them on the water!

This is a classroom oriented setting. You do not have to bring any equipment, and we will not be making a trek down to the river. We meet in the shop upstairs!

In case of impending weather we will make an announcement and email you through the RSVP link (please be sure to provide an accurate email so that you receive any additional information).