Rio Basic Trout Assortment

Rio Basic Trout Assortment

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The RIO® Basic Trout Fly Assortment assembles 7 of the most effective fly patterns for those just starting their trout-on-the-fly journey or any fly pros needing to add some proven punch to their fly box. Included dry flies represent a mayfly, stonefly/hopper, and caddis. Tie on the soft hackle to imitate an emerging mayfly or caddis. Bead-head nymphs target trout feeding on common insects below the surface. Appeal to larger appetites using the bead-head bugger mimicking a minnow or leech.

  • Ideal for fly-fishing novices and pros
  • Proven fish-catching punch for your fly box
  • Includes 7 of the most effective fly patterns

RIO Basic Trout Fly Assortment includes:

  • BH Woolly Bugger Peacock, size 10
  • Chubby Chernobyl Purple, size 12
  • CJ Red, size 16
  • Elk Hair Caddis Tan, size 16
  • Parachute Adams Calf, size 16
  • Partridge Soft Hackle Pheasant, size 16
  • Prince Bead Peacock, size 14