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White - Finesse Changer - Fly Men Fishing Company - TaleTellers Fly Shop

White - Finesse Changer - Fly Men Fishing Company

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Fool even the most discerning of fish:with the Finesse:Changer's lifelike action and realistic profile.

Design by Blane Chocklett

The new Finesse Changer is a highly articulated,:realistic baitfish streamer perfect for targeting many freshwater and saltwater gamefish species from trout to tarpon.:

The Finesse Changer (3.5" length) can be used interchangeably with its little brother, the Mini Finesse Changer (2.75"),:based on the fishing situation at hand.:

The Finesse Changer's:baitfish profile and natural swimming action make it an ideal choice especially when sight fishing in crystal clear water to larger, more discerning fish.

It has a typical average baitfish length of 3.5" (9cm), consists of 7 Articulated Fish-Spine segments and is available in 8 color variations allowing you to ‚"match the hatch‚Äù for success in different fisheries and target species. The fly is tied with an ultra-lightweight, synthetic ‚"Finesse‚Äù material that sheds water giving you a fly that is easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water.

Natural Swimming Action
The innovative use of special materials realistically mimic the spine and muscle of a baitfish to give it a unique, enticing swimming action.

Realistic Profile
The Finesse Changer is designed with realism in mind, especially for situations in which the fish you're targeting has more of a chance to inspect the fly before choosing to strike.

Versatile Size
The Finesse Changer's average typical baitfish length of 3.5" (9cm) makes it a great general purpose fly that can be used to target a wide variety of species in different fisheries.

Available in 9 color variations, allowing you to:‚"match the hatch‚Äù for success in most fisheries and target species.

Lightweight, Synthetic Materials
Tied with ultra-lightweight, synthetic Chocklett's Finesse material that sheds water, making this a fly that is very easy to cast and has incredible natural movement in the water.

The tying method and modern, synthetic materials used give you a tough, durable fly that should stand up to dozens of landed fish.